About Us

Well this is the obligatory “about us” page or, in this case, “about me” page!

Hi there.  I’m Curtis and I have an unnatural affection for  saving money and traveling the world.

Even as a kid I loved to travel. I remember the first time I ever stepped into a hotel room…

All those free tiny bars of soap and miniature bottles lotion!  What’s not to love?

Over the years, the grind of working and paying rent caused me to put my love of tiny soap aside.  It wasn’t until recently I caught the travel bug again.

Here we come hotel mini bar!  (Well…that one’s not free. Many of us have learned that the hard way.)

Okay, Let’s wrap this up and get to the fun part!

It was my first vacation in over five long years and I wanted to do something special, but my wallet did not seem to share my enthusiasm.  I needed a fun getaway without the stress and expense that usually comes with planning a vacation.

The wonder of the internet led me to incredible deals in mind-blowing  destinations and allowed me to get steep discounts on hotels rooms, travel gear and more.  When i began to dig deeper I began to get discounts and credits for travel gear, ride share programs, and more.

As I approached the day of departure, I began total up my savings and realized I had planned a two week trip for under $100 per day! That’s right! My total budget for transportation and lodging was about $95 per day!

This blog journals my first southern California adventure and all the joyous journeys that took me to some of the world’s most fabulous destinations in the months to follow.

I hope you will find tips, tricks and inspiration on How2TravelCheap.com, and pursue your adventure, without the stress!

See you on the road,


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